Last Updated: August 29th, 2023



Hey there! Thinkaholic built the Borrowed app as a commercial service, provided by us and intended for your use. Thinkaholic is a company of Martijn van der Laan.


By using this app, you’re giving us the thumbs up to collect and use your information according to the rules laid out in this Privacy Policy.

Data Collection and Usage

When you use our app, we may ask you for some personally identifiable info, like your Email, Name, Age, and now, your Contact List. Don’t worry, we collect this to make the app work better for you.

Contact List Information

Here’s the scoop on why we collect your Contact List info: we use it to help you easily add contact details to items you’ve borrowed or lent. This just streamlines the whole process, making your life a little easier. This data stays securely stored in our Google Firebase cloud setup, and we promise not to use or share it for anything else.

Third-Party Services

Just a heads-up that we use some third-party services that might also collect some data. Here are their privacy policies for you to check out:

Data Security

We take the security of your data seriously. All your data is stored securely on Google Firebase, and we use advanced methods to keep it safe.

Log Data

If something goes wonky and the app crashes, we collect some data to figure out what went wrong. This Log Data includes things like your IP address, device name, and the operating system.

Service Providers

We also work with third-party services for certain tasks. They may get to see some of your data, but their hands are tied; they’re not allowed to use it for anything else.

Children’s Privacy

Just a note that we don’t target anyone under 13, and we certainly don’t collect data from them on purpose. If we find out we have, we’ll remove it right away.

Updates to Privacy Policy

We might update this Privacy Policy from time to time. Keep an eye on this page for any changes. The new rules will kick in as soon as they’re posted here.

Contact Us

If you’ve got questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at