Plan all your events with Vibed

Vibed is an app for iOS and Android that allows you to organise your events. Whether you’re having a barbecue, a birthday or a weekend away, you can plan it all with Vibed. With a collaborative group app, smart planner, polls, lists, payment system, the app has everything you need to plan without worry.


Together with designer Anish Bisnajak, we have been working on this startup for some time now. We are building the app in Flutter with Firebase as the back-end. We use OneSignal for notifications and the web version is built with Nuxt 3. We use both Firebase Cloud Functions and Nuxt 3’s server functionality for our back-end.

Final delivery.

We are now in the testing phase of the MVP (Minimal Viable Product). We will launch that in a few months and once it is good enough, we will launch the official beta version. We expect this to be in September 2022.

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