Creating apps that matter.

An IT organisation with a mission.

Innovative solutions for a sustainable and inclusive future.

We develop websites and apps that contribute to an inclusive society, where technology enables people to live more freely and consciously. 

Whatever IT challenge you are facing, together with you we realise a solution with an eye for people, environment and society.

Web development.

A website is an important medium for making contact with your audience. A sleek design is no longer sufficient. Thinkaholic works with you to find out what your target group really needs. On that basis we build a website that perfectly suits your mission and vision.

Mobile app

In a mobile app, nothing is as important as communication. It is an effective way to engage with your audience, support them in making choices and help them to find the right information. Thinkaholic works with you to develop an intuitive app that syncs with your users in all aspects.

Design and

How you experience the world is largely determined by your senses. Do you want to stimulate the sensory experience of your audience, then your website, app or corporate identity needs an inclusive and distinctive design. A design that you and your audience can identify with. We create a beautiful design that really connects and is accessible to everyone.

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