App development

Thinkaholic develops apps from start to finish in close dialogue with you. It starts at the drawing table, where together with you we brainstorm and gather ideas about the goal behind the app, the technology we need, the content we want to place and the way we want to launch the app.

App development at Thinkaholic

In a mobile app, the connection between users and systems is central. That’s why we develop an app that synchronises with different devices and operating systems, so that everyone can use it.

Together with you, we build an app that enriches the experiences of you and your audience. We do this with powerful IT, effective content and the most complete user experience possible.

We develop applications for business clients, but also for community initiatives and individuals. Together with you, we delve into the world of content and technology, looking for opportunities, challenges and solutions. Until we have an app that meets your requirements.

We build our apps in Flutter.

Flutter is an app development system that allows us to create apps for both Android and iOS in a very short time, without requiring us to write specific code for each platform separately.

Flutter apps are developed in the Dart language, which requires less code to provide the same level of functionality. Developers can develop modern apps quickly and efficiently using modern app development technology.

The Flutter framework is open source and is supported by Google, making it easy to extend, integrate with other frameworks, or build upon in various ways.

Roadmap for app development.

1. Brainstorm
We always start with a collective brainstorm. In this phase we take the time to go through your wishes and goals in detail. Together with you we think critically about the best solution to your problem. We make sketches and discuss what the app should look like. We prepare a document with all the specs and make a proposal. In it we describe in detail what your app should look like, how much time we think it will take and what budget you should take into account.
2. Design
When you agree, we start designing. We design in a familiar tool like XD, Figma or Sketch. Our UX/UI experts create a design that makes perfect sense for the user, has the right flow and, of course, looks great. We also create an interactive prototype of the app. Before we have developed anything, you can already walk through the entire app. This way you can give us exact feedback so we know exactly what to develop.
3. Development
A dedicated team of developers gets to work building your mobile application. Based on your needs and goals, our developers determine which techniques fit best. During the entire process we stay in close contact with each other, so we can quickly adapt and adjust when necessary. We regularly push a new concept version, so that all components can be tested quickly.
4. Testing
During development, we already perform many tests and the individual components have been thoroughly reviewed by both you and us. Yet we always build in a test phase. This is a week in which we go through all the different user scenarios, do load tests and ask for feedback from various people. This phase is often followed by another week of development to incorporate the findings.
5. Delivery & maintenance
If everything is finished, we assist with the launch in the app stores. We make attractive screenshots and make sure the app is easy to find. After the launch, you get a standard three-month warranty on the application. Every mobile application also needs permanent maintenance. We are of course ready to provide this for you.

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