6 benefits of using Flutter for app development

Flutter is currently one of the most popular mobile frameworks. Google’s framework for app development is catching on. We joined from the beginning in 2018 and are still enthusiastic.

But why should you choose Flutter? Here are a few advantages:

1. Flutter is open source, meaning the code is available to everyone. There is a large community that, together with developers from Google, continues to develop Flutter at a rapid pace. Beyond that, there are no secrets: All of Flutter’s underlying code is public.

2. Flutter is cross-platform, meaning you can use one code base to build an app for iOS and Android. In addition, there is already support for web, macOS, Windows and Linux. Do not forget: it also doubles the time to market for your app idea!

3. Flutter lowers costs, mainly because you only have to develop one code base. Previously, you had to develop and maintain separate apps for iOS and Android. In addition, the large community behind Flutter ensures that many solutions are already available – there is no need to develop everything from scratch.

4. The integration of Flutter into Firebase. If you already have a backend, Flutter can of course be connected to it. But if you do not have one yet, Firebase is a good option to start with. It drastically reduces development costs because you already have authentication, databases, storage, backend functionality and hosting, among other things, included.

5. Flutter widgets! Flutter’s UI widgets let you customise the look and feel quickly and easily. From standard components to complex custom designs, anything is possible. While other frameworks require you to use many third-party packages, Flutter has all the tools you need to create beautiful designs.

6. Flutter’s hot reload feature. In the past, when developing apps, you had to recompile the app after making a change to see the result. With Hot-Reload this is no longer the case, you save the code and see the change immediately! This seems like a small thing, but it makes app development much nicer and faster.

Flutter is a good addition to the ecosystem of mobile frameworks. It lets programmers write one code for iOS and Android. In addition, it is open-source and reduces development time. Also, apps made in Flutter are cheaper.  

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