Ringelenberg Projectverlichting

Ringelenberg Projectverlichting, supplier in lighting products

For Leo Ringelenberg’s company Ringelenberg Projectverlichting, we designed a new style: new logo, new business card and a new website. Since it’s about lighting, that’s where we got our inspiration: the color spectrum of dynamic light 💡


We started with different variations of the logo. The assignment was to use the color spectrum. After one was chosen, we fine-tuned it. Then we got to work on the website. The back-end is WordPress, which makes it easy to edit content. After just one revision, they were already very happy and we delivered the website.

Final delivery.

The result is a WordPress website and a logo with corporate identity. In the end, we chose a logo with the color spectrum as the background, so that this pattern can be used in multiple places – for example, as the background for their business card. We wish Leo and his staff good luck with the sale!

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