EPS-Tool: a digitalised movement assessment in psychiatry

EPS-Tool is an application used in psychiatry for the assessment of movement disorders. Often psychiatric patients report movement disorders as a result of the medication they take. With EPS-Tool it is possible to add scales in a uniform way and download a report after the test.


Together with Prof. Dr. Peter N. van Harten and Care Manager Rob van der Laan we have developed EPS-Tool. The method is based on an analogue method that has been used for a long time. By digitising it, the answers can be standardised. Thinkaholic did the design and developed the tool. The frontend is created with Vue.js. The special thing about the application is that no data is stored in a database.

Final delivery.

EPS-Tool was launched in 2021 and is widely used in psychiatry. It is regularly discussed at conferences and we receive a lot of positive feedback. We will continue to develop the application.

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