Inversio Rentals

Find a house to rent in Valencia on Inversio Rentals

Valencia is a beautiful coastal city in Spain that is becoming increasingly popular. The owners of Inversio Rentals have been there for a long time and they rent out houses to expats among others. They asked Thinkaholic to build a web platform on which they can display their offer and rent out their properties. It had to be solid, secure and stable, but also dynamic – they had to be able to add all content easily themselves.

The design is made by bigbooom.


We started working on the beautiful design. First, we had several brainstorming rounds in which we identified exactly what needed to be done. We then built the platform in Django, a stable platform used by large organisations. The backend code is written in Python and the platform is hosted by Digital Ocean. We first built everything in a test environment and after several rounds of feedback, we presented the final result.

Final delivery.

The result is a fast website where the advisors of Inversio Rentals can easily add their objects. The website is fast, multilingual, easy to maintain and works on all platforms. We have also included an extensive manual. Of course, we are always ready to help if something needs to be adjusted.

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