Sociology of Art

The Center of Sociological Research in the Arts conducts research on the influence of society on art, artists, art worlds

Dr. Laura Braden works at Erasmus University Rotterdam and is the founder of the Center of Sociological Research in the Arts (CSRA). She asked Thinkaholic to develop an interactive platform for those who want to explore and contribute to research related to sociology of art, artistic careers and art worlds in general. Together with Dr. Braden, we brainstormed how to shape that and then started developing right away.


After an enthusiastic conversation at the Erasmus University Rotterdam campus, we immediately got to work. The design had to be clean but ‘arty’, so we picked that up first. We ended up with a design using a monosyllabic font, green tones and subtle effects, such as texts that appear in glitches. The website is set up in WordPress.

Final delivery.

The result is a website for researchers who are interested or want to contribute to sociological research focused on the arts. The website is fully responsive, so accessible on all devices. It was a nice collaboration with Laura and we hope the platform will be actively used.

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