Verhoef Beheer

Verhoef Beheer, a family business that rents out offices around Schiphol Airport

For over 60 years, the family business Verhoef Beheer has been active in developing, renovating and renting out business offices in the Haarlemmermeer region. It was time for a new website. Not only did they want a better online representation, they also wanted a stable intranet to keep track of their meetings and important documents. Thinkaholic realised both for them.


We started developing the intranet. Of course, security was central in this. Together with the IT department of Verhoef Beheer, we have created a stable intranet where they can arrange their important business. In addition, we tackled the exterior: we gave the website a new look. The website now looks a lot more modern.

Final delivery.

We started by developing everything in a test environment. Then there were several rounds in which feedback and new suggestions were processed. They are very satisfied with the end result and have been working with the new system for some time now with great pleasure. We are in regular contact, as we are also managing the platforms at the moment.

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