VoorWaards, the local political party for people and animals

In 2021, the new local political party VoorWaards was founded in Hoeksche Waard, a municipality in South Holland. With progressive values, they competed in the 2022 municipal elections.

Thinkaholic designed the website and developed the website.

The logo, font and colour scheme are designed by Cooler Media.


Thinkaholic has been involved from the beginning. We had several meetings beforehand to discuss what exactly was needed. Important for this website was: How do we create trust with the voters? Then we attended Cooler Media’s design meetings. We thought about the logo, the font and the colour combinations. They then designed a really good logo with the kingfisher, a local bird, as the focal point. We continued to work on this house style.

Final delivery.

The final result is impressive. At least for VoorWaards: they won no less than 4 seats! A tremendous achievement for a new political party. We hope that the website helped them a little. In any case, we have created a colourful, reliable and user-friendly website. It was created in WordPress so that the party can largely maintain it themselves.

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