Keep track of what you’ve borrowed and lent with Borrowed

In 2018, Flutter was released. This is an innovative mobile framework from Google that allowed apps for iOS and Android to be created with a single codebase. We were incredibly excited about this and as soon as we could test, we jumped in. We didn’t want to just go through Google’s tutorials, but jump right into the deep end. In other words, we wanted to develop an app right away. That is how Borrowed came to be!


Borrowed is an app that lets you keep track of what you have borrowed and lent. It’s as simple as that. In the beginning we stuffed it with all kinds of things: different input methods, experimental mobile functions, mobile ads, et cetera. As soon as something came out regarding Flutter, we tested it via Borrowed. So it is not a masterpiece, but more our app that we can use to test new features. Still, we always keep a stable version in the app stores, because it is quite handy to keep track of who has borrowed what.

Final delivery.

Borrowed has brought us a lot: we think it’s a handy app and we use it ourselves, but mainly we were able to make Flutter our own in a short time. And that’s been a while…. By now, we have developed many apps in Flutter.

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